Marion Public Library Obituary Database

The Marion Public Library maintains an obituary file from late 1984 to present, of obituaries published in The Marion Star (The Marion Star is not indexed). Only obituaries for persons with a Marion County connection are contained in this file.
The Marion Public Library's obituary file started in the Reference Department in 1984. Obituaries have been clipped from the Marion Star, mounted on cards, and maintained in a card file since that time. There are approximately 20,000 clipped obituaries in the file.

Recognizing both the importance of this data to genealogists, and the impermanence of physical clipping files, work to create a searchable index to these obituaries began in the Spring of 2001, with the ultimate goal being to make the index widely available over the Internet. Current obituaries continue to be clipped and added to the card file, as well as having information extracted and added to the database.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's in the file?
This file is an index and is not intended to reproduce the entire contents of the printed obituary. It is meant to serve as a finding aid both for the content of the obituary and the newspaper in which it was printed. Where given, the following information has been included in the database:

decedent (last, first, middle, and maiden names)
birth date and birth place
death date and location
spouse (last, first, middle names)
marriage date
obituary date and source
How do I search the database?
The database is searchable by key word (name, location, etc.).

What do I see when I search the database?
Records that match your search are displayed in a list. To help you determine which obituary you want, the results display a brief record.

How do I see the full entry for a person, once I've found who I'm looking for?
Click on the name next to the brief entry.

How does the database list people who have been known by more than one last name in their lifetime (such as women who have been married more than once)?
A short entry is made for each last name, referring to the full entry for the name under which the obituary notice appeared. Each short entry contains the date of birth and spouse's name to help you determine if this is the "right" person.

Do I really need to see the printed obituary?
Yes, if you are interested in names of siblings, affiliations, and burial details that are generally included in an obituary, but not included in this database. You may also find additional information about the deceased in the obituary, including other places to look for information.

Where are the obituaries from?
The obituaries are from the Marion Star.

What if I know that the information is incorrect?
Information has been extracted from the printed obituary. If names and dates are not what you know personally to be true, we cannot correct the printed obituary that we used as a source. If you spot a difference between what we have entered and the actual obituary itself, then we can correct the index.